The scoop designed for regular bottles.

The scoop designed for regular bottles.



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The Bosscoop features

  • Designed for regular bottles

    Ensures no spill by fitting inside the opening of regular water bottles

  • Forget the funnel

    Reverse taper design allows even the thickest powders to easily flow - unlike a funnel 

  • Contoured Edge

    Stops the spill when inverting the scoop to your bottle

  • Any serving size

    Use the 0-10cc level markings to get your serve

  • BPA Free

    We only put supplements into your bottle, nothing else!

  • 100% Australian

    The Bosscoop is proudly Australian designed, owned and made


Will the BOSSCOOP work with my bottle?

The BOSSCOOP has been tested to work with leading water bottle brands

Does the BOSSCOOP work with all powders?

The BOSSCOOP is designed to work with even the thickest powders, unlike a funnel

What's my serving size?

Check the base of your existing supplement scoop for a measurement, for example pre-workout is commonly "9.0cc".  This means you should use the level markings on the side of the BOSSCOOP to the 9cc mark.

Alternatively, pour your old scoop into the Bosscoop.

1 teaspoon = 5cc

Where is the BOSSCOOP made?

Proudly in NSW, Australia.

We love this beautiful country and want to support its amazing people!

Love the design, can I copy it?

Hey, thanks! We thought people might like this idea, so it is protected under granted and pending patents in multiple countries, including Australia & USA